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In a two election year, we have a real chance to SAVE VCA. But you have to vote.

Today residents in Melbourne’s north, from Richmond to Reservoir opened their Melbourne Times to read about VCA’s continuing struggle under a failed merger with the University of Melbourne, compounded by a deafening, year-long silence from the Federal and State Labor Governments.

Read the Melbourne Times story here:

It’s an important reminder that in an two election year, VCA has a real chance to secure it’s future – perhaps the best chance it has ever had. Why?

On a state level, the Victorian Liberals have already put $6m in recurring annual funding on the table if they win Government, coupled with the promise of demerger from the University if the spirit of the 2007 agreement continues to be ignored. The Victorian Greens have been just as fiercely supportive of VCA, and are likely to back any plan to get VCA back in shape regardless of who wins Government. More detail on the Vic Libs and Vic Greens efforts for VCA below.

On a Federal level, the electorate of Melbourne is up for grabs after news sitting Labor MP Lindsay Tanner wont recontest the seat. And Melbourne is an electorate that would have the highest concentration of artists and arts businesses in Victoria – perhaps even Australia. With the Green’s “Make History Melbourne” campaign to win the seat already enjoying incredible momentum, VCA might finally get some Federal attention.

What can you do to help? Vote. And if you’re not registered to vote OR you haven’t updated your address (especially for all the VCA students that have come from interstate!), do it now at the Australian Electoral Commission website (because once the Federal election is announced, only people registered on the day of the announcement can vote).

Lets make 2010 the year we SAVE VCA!


Karen Hill has departed VCA after being the one to implement the “responsible division management” University of Melbourne changes to VCA, which among other things, saw VCA lose 8% of its staff in 2009 alone. In her farewell email, Ms Hill gave herself and Dean Sharman Pretty a glowing report card. Ummmm? Post your thoughts below.


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3 Responses to “VOTE FOR VCA”

  1. A/Prof Christopher McGill

    As a longstanding member of The Swinburne and VCA staff now retired, my heart breaks to wander through the campus of a once thriving cultural heartland of Melbourne. There is the quality of a ruined place, it is a palpable feeling. I once taught storytelling, production and direction there in the internationally famous film school.
    One of the few schools in the world demonstrating the ‘Auteur theory’ which accepts the role of director / writer as principal author of the film work.This produced over the Swinburne and VCA period some of the finest filmmakers in the world; Gillian Armstrong, Andrew Dominic, Adam Elliot, John Hillcoat and many others whose films are prized and astonishing. The training and teaching relied on the making of films with story at their heart. For three years of the undergraduate courses and one year for the post graduate films, all students wrote and produced a graduation work for a public screening.

    The thought of students sharing a co credit in order to save cost is anathema to everything that made us unique in the world.

    Unless Premier Brumby can match the Greens and Libs in their early promises to SAVE VCA my vote will go against him and Labor in Victoria.

    Here’s to music in the corridors, actors, dancers,artists, singers and filmmakers restored again to their proper value within a civilised and great city.

  2. I encourage all those hoping to vote to save the VCA to remember how preferences work in our elections. Labor has just done a deal with the Greens which means if voters follow their “How to Vote” cards, they’ll hand power back to the ALP by voting Green. If you wish to vote Green but ignore the “How To Vote” card, you can still give your second preference to any party you like. The danger of voting Green in the upper house is that if they control the balance of power there, they are highly likely to support Labor policy across the board. The only way to achieve a good outcome for the VCA is to ensure Labor loses government.

  3. Su Baker’s piece in the Age on 11 August is appalling. The use of cliched and homespun pedagogical philosophising is embarrassing. Is this really the sort of twaddle and expertise at the helm we now have?

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