THE AGE: Greens Unveil Fed + State VCA Policy / Adam Elliot Calls For Urgent Action

Posted by savevca1 on July 10th, 2010
Adam Elliot (VCA Grad) & Adam Bandt (Fed Melb Candidate) CRD THE AGE PAT SCALA

The Age have today revealed that The Australian Greens have become the first political party to put forward a joint state and federal solution for VCA. And according to the five-time AFI recipient and Oscar winner (and VCA Grad!) Adam Elliot, help can’t come fast enough.

The Victorian Greens and Victorian Liberals have been calling for action on VCA for over a year. In fact, it was way back in September 2009 the Victorians Liberals announced they would deliver $6m of fresh annual funding for VCA if they win this year’s state election. The welcome addition of VCA’s first Federal friends in the Australian Greens (thanks to Melbourne electorate candidate Adam Bandt), means this year your vote in the State and Federal elections will directly impact VCA.

Lights, Camera, Demand Actionenrol to vote now (or update your enrollment with your correct address).

Remember you must enroll BEFORE the Federal election is called for your vote to count in this year’s election.

Lets make 2010 the year we SAVE VCA!

For the Victorian State election (27/11/10) every vote will count (as there are multiple marginal electorates), so ask your local member what their policy is on VCA. You can find your local Victorian State member by clicking here.

For the Federal election (date TBA) again every vote will count, but if you live in the Melbourne electorate (map below), it is extremely important that you check to make sure you are enrolled correctly (as this is a marginal seat). To find out your Federal electorate  click here and ask them what their VCA policy is.


Federal Electorate of Melbourne


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3 Responses to “THE AGE: Greens Unveil Fed + State VCA Policy / Adam Elliot Calls For Urgent Action”

  1. Jenni Kirkbright

    Hi there,
    Don’t forget those of us who live in regional Victoria will be taking time to hassle our local politicians about saving the VCA too. Could you put some more maps up to help out those in regional Victoria find there electorate? Might be worth the extra votes!
    Thanks. Jenni

  2. Hi Jenni!

    You’re absolutely right – every electorate counts (both state and federal), and regional Victoria’s support of the arts continues to be so imperative to the viability of the arts economy.

    You can use the links above to find which state and federal electorate you are in. Those websites also include maps.

    Thanks for your support of VCA!

  3. Greens Volunteer

    There was a so-called VCA-advocate at Saturday’s Federal Election who abused Greens volunteers about not knowing the intricate details on Adam Bandt and The Greens’ policy on saving the VCA. He would have voted for the weaker, Labor solution because of that ignorance.

    I was very surprised at his being unaware of the above policy announcement and support from this website in advocating the right proposal to save the VCA.

    Adam Bandt got in and we shall all benefit from his advocacy in parliament.

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