THE AGE: “Battle to save VCA is not over yet”

Posted by savevca1 on July 30th, 2010

Today’s The Age features an excellent road-marker of where VCA stands as of today. Read it here.

It’s a timely reminder that we are so close  and time is off the essence for all 14,000 of the SAVE VCA community to get emailing to demand that hints of new VCA policy quickly turn into commitments.

Visit our last post for the email addresses you need and suggested email wording. Make no mistake – in a two election year, a simple email from you has the power to SAVE VCA.

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9 Responses to “THE AGE: “Battle to save VCA is not over yet””

  1. Kylie Wickham

    Please save the VCA!!! Melbourne is the Capital of Arts in Australia and the VCA is it’s heart! I would not be realising my dreams now if it wasn’t for the VCA. It brings prestige and real jobs and investment into the state.

    Yours sincerly,


  2. Please save VCA.

  3. Action is Character. You are defined by what you do not what you say. Show a strength of character and Save VCA.

  4. Valentina

    The VCA’s practical teaching approach is unique – and fills a gap for students who are not necessarily suited to Melbourne University’s academic approach.
    It’s also important to note that an experienced student, is a job ready individual (particularly in Film & TV).
    Please support the VCA generously.

  5. Jill Marfleet

    Your campaign to save the VCA has been both interesting and inspiring and it is beginning to look as though you should achieve at least some of your goals – keeping the VCA as an independent organisation is a crucial part of keeping Australia in the forefront of performing arts worldwide.

  6. The time has come to publicly question why Glyn Davis is avoiding the mess at UoM by disappearing to the UK on ‘study leave’. What is he ‘studying’ that is more important than managing the fiasco he has created. Is he just trying to avoid the Australian media and hope it all blows over, or is he looking for his next job? His salary is over $600,000 per year, but his duties are now being handled by others, including additional positions (Provost) that should be added to that. What is going on…??

  7. Margaret Wickham

    As a music teacher I am concerned about changes being made to the way VCA works. Years of individual tuition is needed to train world class artists. The University of Melbourne is famous for its academic training. I think they should leave VCA alone to carry on in their own specialised field.

  8. Margaret Wickham

    As a music teacher I am expressing concern at the proposed changes to the way VCA works. Very specialised training is needed to train world class artists. The University of Melbourne has an enviable academic reputation. Leave VCA to continue its good work with our young performers in all their endeavours.

  9. Re: Margaret Wickham: Slight correction, ‘The University of Melbourne ‘had’ an enviable reputation.’ That is in tatters since Glyn Davis took up the position of VC. The people who have seen how things work from the inside know this. Rational argument doesn’t work I’m afraid. The DreamLarge disaster continues and the PR spin of the UoM remains desperate to try and cover up the damage for as long as is possible – preferably until Glyn finishes his 10 year appointment and gets a golden handshake.
    Then the next VC will tell us (in PR-speak) that the whole thing was wrong and needs a complete overhaul… (predictable, isnt’ it?). Only way to minimize the current destruction is by public protest, particularly around election time.

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