VIC LIBS CONFIRM – VCA $6m P/A is ON TOP of New Fed Funds

Posted by savevca1 on November 12th, 2010

28 August 2009 Ted Baillieu on ABC Stateline

Come November 27, VCA might find itself in the strongest financial position it has ever been in if a Coalition (Liberals & Nationals) Government comes to power in Victoria.

In a letter to SAVE VCA, Leader of the Opposition Ted Baillieu has confirmed his September 2009 promise of $6M P/A in recurring state funding stands in addition to the recent Federal Government injection of $5.1m p/a. The provision of such funds would be significant, as it is the first time VCA will be the beneficiary of recurring state-based funding, which Baillieu says recognises VCA as the “centerpiece of arts training in Victoria and Australia”.

Furthermore Mr Baillieu applauds the suspension of the Melbourne Model and makes clear the Coalition will pursue a demerger from the University of Melbourne if VCA’s curriculum, operation and structure are not maintained in accordance with the intent of State Parliament legislation that merged VCA/UoM in 2007.

Victorian State Election on November 27 extremely important for VCA. Your vote will count. Check your enrollment now at the Victorian Electoral Commission website so you know which electorate you are in and where to vote.

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  1. Noel J Denton

    FANBLOODYTASTIC. Best news I’ve had about the VCA in amny hyears, plus the fact that the Director, Sharman Preety, has gone. good riddance. Have been o/s for quite a while and this news is joy to behold.

  2. I hope you are all being amused by the Glyn Davis show, now serialised in the Boyer lecture series. Great entertainment value (satire or comedy?), and neatly discussed here:

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