Lights, Camera, Election!

Posted by savevca1 on November 25th, 2010

A short shout out to all Victorians to keep VCA in your mind this Saturday (27 Nov) when you vote.

Back in August, your vote ensured VCA will get $5.1m p/a from 2012 from the Federal Government. Depending on how the Victorian election plays out, VCA may end up in the best financial position it has ever been in. Your vote is crucial.

Summary of Major Party VCA Policies (click to enlarge):

Two special notes:

  • New laws for this election mean you can vote even if you’re not enrolled yet. Simply turn up to a polling booth with your ID and enrol right there and then on Election Day.
  • Remember you can preference your vote however you like. You do not have to follow the How To Vote card your preferred party supplies you at the voting booths.

Find where to vote here via the Victorian Electoral Commission or use the iPhone app available here.

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4 Responses to “Lights, Camera, Election!”

  1. I hope to have your support if you vote in Prahran so I can continue to work with Heidi Victoria and Ted Baillieu to deliver great outcomes for the VCA. As has been noted in the attached table, the Greens cannot actually deliver policy in their own right, so if you do intend to vote Green, who gets your number “2″ vote is very important. Even though the Greens and ALP have done a preference deal there is no reason why you can’t vote “1″ for the Greens and “2″ for me in Prahran. Happy to discuss further if you like….you can call me on 0411 255 179 anytime.

  2. Is any consideration being given to an alternative to the word ‘Save’ for this organisation? When it is considered the crisis has cooled/passed, perhaps it would be time to substitute something like ‘support’ or ‘Maintain’?

  3. John Storm Robertson

    Thank you TED BAILLIEU, VCA is SAVED!

  4. “Model takes my breadth away ” Article in The Australian by an undergraduate student, giving his views about the Melbourne Model. As usual, The Australian allows no comments on this – even though the box is there asking for reader feedback.

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