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Posted by savevca1 on December 9th, 2010

The recent Victorian Coalition win at the polls means that, for the first time, VCA will receive recurring state-based funding to the tune of $6m P/A.

Once that cash flows, VCA will have the biggest income it has ever had, however with the exorbitant rental and administration costs still being charged to VCA by The University of Melbourne (near $10m a year!), the College is not out of the woods yet.

With the $6m came the Coalition promise to closely monitor the University and act on any breaches of the 2007 merger agreement (indeed they had already met with VCA Management prior to the election). So demerger may not be the impossible dream first thought. Indeed, who would have thought in early 2009 that we would not only get our $5.1m p/a of Federal funds back, but get another $6m p/a on top of that! Coupled with the fact the new Premier is also the Arts Minister, and long-term VCA Supporter Heidi Victoria is Parliamentary Secretary for the Arts, things are looking positive.

And with great work still pumping out of College (see media links below), it seems VCA is well and truly back!


06/12/10 The Age – “Arts Bring Problems For Baillieu”

07/12/10 The Age – “Home Grown And Thriving”

08/12/10 The Australian – “Model Takes My Breadth Away”

09/12/10 Sydney Morning Herald – “Tough Times Yield A Bumper Crop of VCA Filmmakers”

11/12/10 The Australian – “Banish Mickey Mouse From The Republic Of Learning”

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5 Responses to “Close To Saved”

  1. Congratulations. This campaign should win a national public relations award from the national body.

  2. demerge! music needs to come back to VCA.

  3. Noel J Denton

    It looks that common sense will at last prevail. The UofM does not need the VCA and the VCA certainly does not need the UofM. I hope that the VCA gets back its independence and returns to doing what it has done so well for almost 40 years.

  4. David Wilson

    Unbelievably good news…….well done everybody. Now we must try to become independent once more……the Uni really set out to sabotage the VCA and cannot be trusted in the future.

  5. Critical article on the ‘Melbourne Model’, in response to Glyn Davis’ propaganda presented as the Boyer lecture series. Nice title: ‘Banish Mickey Mouse from the republic of learning’.

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