Mixed Bag – New Dean Speaks to THE AUSTRALIAN

Posted by savevca1 on January 12th, 2011

In his first detailed interview since becoming Dean of VCAM,  Barry Conyngham has already declared he wants VCAM to stay part of the University of Melbourne and that he “ thinks that for a lot of students the Melbourne Model could be fantastic.” Comments Mr Conyngham has made before VCA staff and students have returned to campus.

However, the new Dean also endorsed VCA’s traditional training method, saying “Craft and practice are really crucial at that time of a person’s life if they go straight to university from school” and thanked SAVE VCA for “playing a key role in attracting new government support.”

Read the interview in today’s The Australian here.

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3 Responses to “Mixed Bag – New Dean Speaks to THE AUSTRALIAN”

  1. christian patton


  2. Like all the other Deans at UoM, he is employed to toe the line for Glyn Davis. They are the head-kickers who keep the farce and PR-spin going, while all the brightest students vote with their feet and go to Monash or elsewhere. Of course he is going to say publicly that the Melbourne Model is fantastic. What he thinks privately, only time will tell…

  3. I, for one, will give new Dean Barry Conyngham 3-6 months before judging him. He seems to have a good background for the position: composer (so he knows the creative arts as a student and practictioner), and former Dean at Wollongong, and VC of Southern Cross Uni (so he knows academia and uni administration).

    @BRY, Monash is so great it has had to shed 300 staff (and more than 800 wanted to jump ship)

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