THE AUSTRALIAN: Su Baker Unveils New VCA Curriculum – Starts 2012

Posted by savevca1 on January 19th, 2011

Director of VCA Su Baker (the non-Music portion of VCAM) has unveiled the blueprint for VCA’s new Degrees which start from 2012 and include Contemporary Music and Music Theatre.

Read the news in today’s The Australian

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2 Responses to “THE AUSTRALIAN: Su Baker Unveils New VCA Curriculum – Starts 2012”

  1. christian patton

    ‘Professor’ Baker is a useless self-serving piece of #%^&.

  2. If there has been any self serving going on , one would be better looking toward the Faculty at Melbourne University. Prof Baker along with whats left of the VCA staff have been (and still are) too busy trying to repair the pointless damage done to the College during this period.

    BTW its just wrong to label the VCA as ‘the non – music portion of VCAM’ given that Improv Composition and music Theatre are still a part of the VCA – lets not do any more damage than has been done already!

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