Talking Tough – Baillieu no Uni Melb Push Over

Posted by savevca1 on March 16th, 2011

In welcome news, VCA’s $6m in recurring annual funding from the Victorian State Government has been confirmed by Premier and Arts Minister Ted Baillieu but he won’t be handing over the cash to Uni Melb lightly.

THE AGE: Baillieu confirms his election promise of $6 million a year to the Victorian College of the Arts, although talks with its parent body, Melbourne University, have ”a way to go” before the funding can be commissioned. ”It is not there to displace any other income,” he says, meaning that it cannot be used to pay university rent. (read today’s coverage from The Age and The Herald Sun)

The Victorian Government has confirmed with SAVE VCA that the $6m p/a is for the VCA portion of VCAM only.

Overcoming the huge cost of remaining part of the University of Melbourne will be the marker of whether the merger will ever succeed. The last budget SAVE VCA has seen for the 2010 year includes staggering amounts of money flowing out of VCA which the University likes to refer in the media as “subsidy”:

2010 Budget (for the 2010 calendar year)

  • University Rental to VCA $5.69M
  • Common Services Fee Changed to VCA $3.25M
  • VCA Contribution to University Overheads $4.27M
  • $13.2M going directly central University costs.

 This is in addition to other central non-teaching costs of $8.56M  consisting of marketing, external relations, public programs, recruitment, executive director, student centre etc.

Total non –teaching costs $21.76M

$31.03M income, meaning 70.1% of the income is going to non-teaching costs compared to a average rate of 45% pre-merger.

This equals over $12,000 in non-teaching costs per VCAM student, compared to under $7,000 pre merger.

And also keep in mind that before the Federal Funding cut in 2005 (which has now been reversed), VCA ran in the black for the vast majority of its life (i.e. it wasn’t in debt).

None of this was ever factored into the merger that the Victorian Government approved in 2007 and 2009.

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3 Responses to “Talking Tough – Baillieu no Uni Melb Push Over”

  1. Hopefully Ted Baillieu and Co are smart enough to not see their welcome extra $6 million swallowed up by UofM and through any real attempt by it to gouge either its or the additional federal funding that was/is so well intended. The government sources have Ziggy Switkowski’s report as a handy reference and the man himself – plus all those now bi-partisan (in this matter) former Arts Ministers to help ensure they get the funding formula right and hold both UofM and the VCA to proper account.

  2. Robert Ray

    I am pleased with this development. But maybe it is time to cut to the chase – a de-merge with UoM. It was a ridiculous merger in the first place.

  3. Trust Glyn Davis? He and his legal department will find some sneaky way to claw the money back, even if it means poisoning this cash cow to death. De-merger is the only way to guarantee survival.

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