THE AGE: $24M Lifeline, but will it be safe?

Posted by savevca1 on May 13th, 2011

UoM VC Glyn Davis loves some VCA cash & land!

The Age has today reported where the $6m p/a in Victorian Government funding for VCA will go (click here to read the story). It seems Premier & Arts Minister Ted Baillieu is mindful these funds need to be protected from the University of Melbourne, so he’s drawing up a “memorandum of understanding” – but will that be enough?

There has been silence from VCA itself as to how, when and to what extend the outrageous University of Melbourne rentals and administration costs will be challenged (70% of VCA income going to non-teaching costs in 2010), and we know UoM wont give up any of VCA’s money without a fight.

What do you think? Do you think history shows us that VCA management need to be more public in trying to assert VCA’s financial autonomy? Or is it a case of allowing the new Director & Dean to work quietly to try and get rid of the rent and admin costs? Post below or on our Facebook.


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One Response to “THE AGE: $24M Lifeline, but will it be safe?”

  1. Race Mathews

    The good news of the government’s VCA funding shouldn’t obscure the fact the the VCA won’t be safe and the Save the VCA campaign won’t have completed its mission unless and until the issues of the rent and administrative costs and asset protection have been sorted out on an equitable basis and the outcome incorporated in the memorandum of understanding that the government is developing in conjunction with the university. And there should be a fully transparent disclosure of the current administrative costs for the VCA as compared with those prior to its incorporation in the university. And for the new Director and Dean to be left to ‘work quietly to try and get rid of the rent and admin costs’ in the absence of on-going public and government scrutiny and vigilance would be for them to be sent effectively ‘naked into the conference chamber’.

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