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Posted by webmaster on October 30th, 2009

Peter Garrett Parliament Photo

Peter Garrett in 2005 as Shadow Minister for the Arts… (from

VCA is a world-class institution that has trained generations of Australian artists with a proud tradition of merit-based entry.

The HECS hikes at VCA mean that many of Australia’s future artists may be put off studying their field.

This is a terrible blow for the Australian arts community which has been enriched over the years by VCA.

It is amazing what an election can do…

This is yet more evidence that the Howard Government’s policy of making students and their families pay the price for $5 billion cuts to universities is culturally and economically irresponsible..

In 2009 Minister Garrett was quick to claim it’s “not my portfolio”…

Peter Garrett Letter "Not My Portfolio"

Peter Garrett Letter "Not My Portfolio"

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