UOM Shows True Colours – Discussion Paper A Sham

Posted by webmaster on November 26th, 2009
A screenshot of the VCAM.org.au site

A screenshot of the VCAM.org.au site

Crikey.com have revealed the UoM have accidentally made live a new VCAM website which aggressively attacks all opinions other than their own, showing the UoM interest in “consulting” is ZERO.The content of the website is only days old (it references the Discussion Paper) and has numerous dollar figure missing (written in the text as “$XX”) showing the UoM writer was spinning arguments without even having the real data at hand.

This flies in the face of UoM assertions the “Discussion Paper” process will be independent and shows the administration’s true colours i.e. they are not interested in anybodies opinion other than their own, and are happy to make arguments without knowing the facts.

UoM’s recklessness still shocks.

You can read the crikey article here 09-11-26 Crikey

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