Uni Melb: “No Questions re Discussion Please”

Posted by savevca1 on January 20th, 2010

As you may remember, SAVE VCA asked some rather straight forward questions about the Discussion Paper to the University of Melbourne in our post ‘Making The Discussion Paper Work‘. Simple questions like, why is Music Theatre considered not Melbourne Model friendly, but all the other disciplines are? Or how will the UoM rental scheme work under the various funding models suggested in the Discussion Paper?

Well according to Acting Vice Chancellor John Dewar, you have to work those kind of questions out for yourself – “on the substantive issues you raise, these are matters which you and your colleagues should address in your response to the paper”. See the full response below.

Whilst the UoM response to questions on the Discussion Paper is not exactly helpful, it’s still up to us to use the Paper to protect VCAClick here for how.

The Questions - Click to View

The Response - Click to View

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One Response to “Uni Melb: “No Questions re Discussion Please””

  1. “on the substantive issues you raise…” A dead give-away: a patronizing statement framed in legalese and giving the distinct impression that there is no willingness to be at all helpful. Is John Dewar acting VC or just acting? Perhaps a VCA graduate could translate John’s prose into plain english…

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