Only 33 People Want To Save VCA

Posted by savevca1 on February 4th, 2010

Apathy is now VCA’s biggest threat. A source within the College has revealed only 33 people have made submissions to the VCA Discussion Paper. In stark contrast to the 2000-strong SAVE VCA Rally in August 2009, the 13,000-member SAVE VCA Facebook, and the fact VCA itself has over 1000 students, the lack of engagement in the Discussion Paper puts VCA at great risk.

The University of Melbourne was forced to consult by releasing the Discussion Paper in November 2009 thanks to you. But that achievement will mean nothing unless the University gets your opinion in writing on what you believe VCA should look like.

Make no mistake – silence will be seen as an endorsement of the University of Melbourne’s continued destruction of VCA.

Please take 5 minutes to speak up for VCA.

No to the Melbourne Model. No to staff being lost. No to entire degree programs being suspended. No to reduced teaching weeks. No to crippling University rents. No to University-appointed bean counter Management. No to Victoria’s arts business being undermined.

Yes to an independent and appropriately funded VCA, that continues to offer elite, intensive, studio-based training across the entire arts spectrum for the benefit of future artisans and Australia’s arts industry.

All opinions matter. Students, staff, graduates, business, unions, arts lovers. Everyone.

Making a submission can be done in as little as 5 minutes if you use our submission template.

Go to the Discussion Paper section now and SAVE VCA.

Hurry – submissions due Friday 12 February, 2010.

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2 Responses to “Only 33 People Want To Save VCA”

  1. Apathy is a function not merely of the will-power of individuals, but of social situations. Aside from on the Save VCA website and briefly in the mainstream media there haven’t been thriving debates about VCA in the public sphere. More public and intelligent discussion would change the social situation: it would put more pressure on the University, and also be a way to lead yourself and others out of apathy. If you make a submission, consider making it public as well, via blogs or other suitable means. The usual arguments such a the appeal to VCA’s function for industry haven’t had much effect. Are there others that have yet to be raised?

  2. You are completely correct Marc. It’s no mistake the Discussion Paper was announced when students and staff were finishing classes. It’s no mistake the only briefings were held during the holidays. It’s no mistake the due date is before VCA classes return.

    We are publishing people’s submissions in our Discussion Paper section (in the light of the University refusing to publish submissions until after the deadline passes).

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