CAUGHT! Crikey reveals VCAM Dean Dodgy Dealings

Posted by savevca1 on February 9th, 2010

VCAM Dean Sharman Pretty have today revealed that Dean Sharman Pretty has appointed a consultant from a organisation she is a director of to review the much loved VCA Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts & Cultural Development. The consultant is not indigenous.

Read the article here (copyright

Yet again it is has been left to the media to police University senior management. Remembering it is Dean Pretty and University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis who appointed all but 2 of the VCAM Review Committee, this latest bombshell reminds us VCA and University of Melbourne Music are simply not in safe hands.

REMINDER: Discussion Paper submissions are due this Friday 12 Feb 2010. Make sure you include in your submission a demand that all staff and student Review Committee represenatatives are elected. Spend 5 minutes on your submission now to SAVE VCA.

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2 Responses to “CAUGHT! Crikey reveals VCAM Dean Dodgy Dealings”

  1. Yet another example of why Sharman cannot be trusted with the future of the VCA. And what a crock, Arts Consultants… Try a bit of common sense and get rid of the expensive label “consultant”.

  2. sadly i’m not even a little surprised this whole thing has smelled funny from the beginning

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