THE AGE: Call for VCA To Become the “Australian University of the Arts”

Posted by savevca1 on February 13th, 2010

The Hon Dr Race Mathews

The overwhelming majority of published submissions to the VCAM Review support the pursuit of a revitalised, independent VCA, funded by the arts ministry.

With the deadline for submissions having only just past, former VCA Advisory Board members Noel Turnbull and Lynne Landy joined forces with VCA’s first Administator Noel Denton and The Hon Dr Race Mathews to call for an “Australian College of the Arts”. Read this inspiring article from The Age here. You can read the Awesome Artistic Foursome’s full submission below (it’s submission number 131 which starts on page 105).

Despite earlier statements that the University would not post submissions until after the deadline, it seems the powers that be have had a rethink because submissions 1 to 136 have been available for a couple of days:

Browsing the submissions is quite remarkable – with the genuine affection for the College clearly evident. Of no surprise is a very obvious absense of kind words for the University of Melbourne, Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis or VCAM Dean Sharman Pretty. We’ll let you know as soon as the University publish the next lot.

Thank you to all people who CC’d SAVE VCA on their submission (35 submissions today alone!). We’re already published a selection, and we’ll be putting up alot more over the coming days.

  • SAVE VCA’s Official Submision – no appendix – click here
  • SAVE VCA’s Official Submission – with appendix - click here

Just in are submissions from the MEAA, Live Performance Australia and the NTEU, all of whom have been wonderfully supportive of VCA (and SAVE VCA!).

We all know the Review is not independent BUT we also know it’s going to be hard to deny the very clear mood of the submissions published thus far (with lots more to come!).

Well done to everybody for their commitment to saving VCA and keep emailing us whenever you hear of anything going amiss down on St Kilda Rd.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CURRENT VCAM STUDENTS:  The VCAM Student Union is reporting submissions for students will now be accepted up until March 5. Go to the VCAM Student Union Facebook for more info.

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4 Responses to “THE AGE: Call for VCA To Become the “Australian University of the Arts””

  1. So, the public and stakeholders in the VCA have voted on Glyn Davis’ management and his ‘Melbourne Model’ policies, and the overwhelming opinion is that he is a disaster.
    Watching how Ziggy and his largely unelected panel attempt to ignore these submissions will be most entertaining. Perhaps Glyn and Sharman hope that if the review takes long enough then there is still time to continue quietly white-anting staff and course offerings. Not hard for managers to have ‘a little chat’ with individual staff about their future, tell them how they have performed badly on key Melbourne Model indicators, and that they should be looking elsewhere for employment. That is how they do it on the main campus at Melbourne University.
    If only the main campus could have a public review of the Melbourne Model disaster like this one for the VCA.

  2. As a member of the Film & Television Course Advisory Committee and contributor to that committee’s submission I would like to endorse the call for the VCA to Become the Australian Collage of the Arts” and congratulate the authors of this excellent, sensible and most comprehensive submission. The potential contribution of the arts to the creative economy is substantial and warrants the financial contributions required for a distinctive institution.

  3. An independent, federally-funded Australian College of the Arts, with a mission statement converted from that of the AIS and as read by Geoffrey Rush, is an excellent idea. But should such a reality be foisted on an under-deserving Melbourne – at least as is being represented by its GO8 university of the same name? Methinks relocation in Adelaide – the original heartbeat of the Australian arts and ‘Athens of the South’ – would be a much more welcoming home base. Watch out for what you wish for UM. Congratulations to everyone who bothered to speak up on this potential outrage and full marks to all the people behind this excellent website. Ron Dent

  4. What is the next stage of (strategy for) this fight? Suggest the ‘Save VCA’ group should now go beyond the UM VCA Review to a much wider but targeted public relations campaign. Don’t wait on what very might well be a stacked result from UM. Maintain the rage and take the fight to the battleground/s of YOUR choosing. Ron Dent

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