You Can Present To The Review Committee

Posted by savevca1 on March 4th, 2010

A short note to let you know that today VCAM Review Committee Chairperson Ziggy Switkowski announced that you have an opportunity to present to the Review Committee on 17 March 2010 regarding VCA’s future.

In order to request a time, visit the Review website shown below and lodge your request by 9 March 2010. We particularly encourage arts businesses of all sizes to apply for a time – as the future employers of VCA graduates, your input is invaluable. We also encourage VCA graduates to present so the Review Committee can hear how your training has translated to your working life.

Because so few timeslots have been made available, you may consider presenting to the Review with your arts business partners.

We apologise such little notice has been given, however we are bound by University timelines.

Visit the Review Website to request your appointment.


We realise that some staff and students are wary of asking to present to the Review Committee with Heads of School and the Deputy Dean on the panel. You may consider asking the Chairperson to allow you to present (e.g. delegation of students from each Discipline, followed by a delegation of staff from each Discipline) without the Heads of School and Deputy Dean in the room.

We encourage all staff and students to take an active interest in the Review, even if it just means observing the delegation for your discipline presenting to the Committee.

UPDATE 05/03/10

The Review Committee composition has changed (new Chair of the VCAM Advisory Board Ian Wilcox replacing Trevor Green).

New Committee is:

Dr Ziggy Switkowski Independent Chair

Mrs Eda Ritchie Representative of the Vice-Chancellor

Mr Ian Wilcock Representative of the VCAM Advisory Board (replaced Trevor Green on 05/03/10)

Prof Gary McPherson VCAM academic staff (Head of Music)

Prof Kristy Edmunds VCAM academic staff (Head of Performing Arts) & Deputy Dean

A/Prof Su Baker VCAM academic staff (Head of Art)

Prof Ian Lang VCAM academic staff (Head of Film and Television)

Mr Brian Long VCAM professional staff

Mr Shane Woon Undergraduate VCAM student representative [Elected by Students]

Mr Richard Mason Postgraduate VCAM student representative

Prof Pip Pattison University academic from outside VCAM

The Hon Mary Delahunty Community representative with a background in the arts

Prof Catherine Falk Representative of Parkville [Elected by Parkville Staff]

A/Prof Jon Cattapan Representative of Southbank

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2 Responses to “You Can Present To The Review Committee”

  1. Robert Ray

    Clearly this exercise of trying to make the VCA viable within the UoM framework is valiant, but doomed to failure. The thinking of a university goes against the training of a creative artist. The only solution is to de-merge. Throw the VCA onto the mercy of the State and Federal governments. If this is ignored the VCA dies, but this is what has happened anyway.

  2. Adam De Carolis

    De-merger is the only saviour for the VCA, a place that launched so many wonderful careers. Put it back to the way it was, an exceptional and inspiring institution.

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