Review Chair Commits to Student Forums 23-24 March

Posted by savevca1 on March 21st, 2010

VCA Drama Student at SAVE VCA WEEK Rally

In welcome news, the Chair of the Review Committee Ziggy Switkowski has committed to three student forums, where students will be able talk directly to the Chair without the Heads of School or Deputy Dean present.

It is absolutely essential that every VCAM student attend the forum for their discipline because this Review (and indeed SAVE VCA!) is for your education and for your future.

What To Bring

  • Come prepared with hard facts of how your VCAM education experience has changed since 2009. Which sessional teachers have you lost? What student services have you lost? What subjects have you lost? How many hours of contact have you lost? What resources have you lost? How much practical training have you lost? Remember that as far as the University is concerned “change is not imposed it’s proposed” (Kristy Edmunds), so make sure Ziggy knows change HAS happened and your education is being affected NOW.
  • Speak freely. We know a great many students are still highly concerned that the Heads of School and the Deputy Dean are on the Review Committee. These forums will be with Ziggy only, who has no influence on your day-to-day education, so it is imperative you use this opportunity to tell it like it is. Do you have faith Dean Sharman Pretty can lead VCAM? Have your Heads of School acted upon any concerns you have raised? If you’re a music student, how are you finding NG1 Melbourne Model and classes across two campuses? What is the mood of the staff and student body at VCAM? Is morale a problem? How do you perceive your teachers are coping with the new requirements placed upon them? Do you think you are getting value for money for your HECS debt when compared to the pre-2009 VCA?
  • Passion: You’re at VCA because of talent and a lot of hard work. Why did you choose VCA? What do you want out of your VCA education? What education did you complete before coming to VCA, and why wasn’t that enough to satisfy your goal of becoming a professional artist? To succeed in your chosen career path, are you relying on receiving specialist, practical-based training? How could VCA improve to be better than it ever was?

Times & Dates

Three student forums with the VCAM Review Chair, where he will describe the workings of the Review Committee and then invite comments and feedback from the audience, will be held in the Arts Auditorium, VCAM Southbank Campus:

  • School of Music Students – 12noon-1pm, Tuesday 23 March
  • School of Performing Arts Students – 1-2pm, Tuesday 23 March
  • Film and Television/School of Art Students – 1:30-2:30pm, Wednesday 24 March

We presume the Review Chair has arranged so that all students can attend their allocated forum without missing out on class time / rehearsals. Please let us know if that is not the case.

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3 Responses to “Review Chair Commits to Student Forums 23-24 March”

  1. Having presented to the Review Panel with the Chair of the Film & Television School Advisory Committee I think it is important for students to focus on what is the major driving forces that motivate them to be at VCA, what is good/bad about how it used to be, how it is now and how it is proposed to be with the current proposals.

    This is a complex and difficult set of decisions. Understanding that complexity first to then craft understandable choices to reconcile the difficulties of funding, quality education and industry development is a most challenging task. Put yourselves in the Chair’s position and help him to prepare the ground work for the best possible outcome.

    Facts, researched and verifiable information are important but so is your passion and vision for the best arts education that this institution can deliver.

  2. Robert Ray

    What about a forum with Ziggy of the recently departed staff? We’d have nothing to lose in telling him what we contributed and how it is no longer there.

  3. Good idea Robert. You should suggest this to the Review Committee (email

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