Bye Bye Talent: Uni Melb Want ENTER Score at VCA

Posted by savevca1 on April 6th, 2010

The Age have revealed VCAM Management and the University of Melbourne have voted for allowing the consideration of ENTER scores (Year 12 Marks) for VCA applicants. This is completely against VCA’s traditional focus on talent-based entry which was SUPPOSED to have been protected by the merger Heads of Agreement.

Read the story here.

One can’t help but notice this is all going on DURING the VCAM Review. We guess the University of Melbourne are taking as much notice of Ziggy & Friend’s as they did of the Victorian Government’s merger Heads of Agreement which was supposed to protect VCA.

Note this decision (like much of the Uni Melb decisions at VCA) has been made without any kind of evidence or research. There is no proof whatsoever that an ENTER score has any bearing on talent. There is also no evidence that the success of a student throughout their VCA study has any correlation with their ENTER score. And there is certainly no evidence to suggest that prospecive students from “disadvantaged schools or families” ¬†would benefit from their ENTER score being considered in their VCA application (as asserted by the University Spin Mistress in The Age).

Do you think this move away from talent-based entry will be good for VCA? Post your thoughts below.

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12 Responses to “Bye Bye Talent: Uni Melb Want ENTER Score at VCA”

  1. This will completely ruin the course and the quality of students who choose to apply will be extremely limited. Art is not about academics and what you scored in maths. It is based on your ability to use your imagination to bring something creative, unique and genuine to life through drawing, sculpture, perfrormance etc. There are quite a lot of extremely gifted students who do not necessarily end up with a high Year 12 score in most subjects other than art their chosen field. You will also find students who are extremely talented but whose work is not particularly liked, appreciated or understood by a current teacher therefore they are marked down. This can also happen at a university level sadly as well. Art is about talent not academic scores. But what else can you expect from a bunch of beaurocrates.

  2. I cannot believe that this is even being considered for VCA. It should be so obviously apparent that the VCE program is not constructed to nurture pure artistic talent- especially for underprivileged students-what does this say about accessibility? what a mindless decision.

  3. This is such an outrage! The entire focus of the VCA has been access through talent which cannot be measured by something as arbitrary as an enter-score. It must be portfolio based. The point of the VCA has been to foster excellence in cultural pursuit by putting the best up and coming artists alongside the best practicing artists. Its how VCA continually produces excellent alumni and what has made it one of the finest arts institutions in our country. The idiocy of Melbourne Uni is that they are not only undermining the training of our future artists, but devaluing their own asset. Fools.

  4. Natalie Beattie

    So VCA..If a student wants to be accepted into dance-do you want them hitting the books or the boards?? In order to be a good dancer-many of these students are training up to 5 nights a week (not including competitions and exams etc). What do you want- a dancer with great “turnout” or one who can explain Darwins Theory of Evolution??
    This is getting more and more ridiculous!!

  5. Rhys McConnochie

    This has been the situation at the VCA (now VCAM) for some time now. One of the present Third Year students told me that he was nearly refused entry, even though he had passed the audition, because his Year 12 score was 24 and not the required 25. And that was in 2007. I was told that the School of Performing Arts (until recently the School Of Drama) is no longer “actor centric” and that they are no longer competing with NIDA and WAAPA. Which means that it is no longer a vocational training institution. But do the students who are auditioning know that? Are they informed that the school for which they thought they were auditioning is no longer in the business of training actors for the industry? I don’t think so.

  6. This has been one of the main things that has annoyed the hell out of me from high school. The VCE system flawed to begin with as it doesn’t take into account a students full potential in what is right for them. There are numerous reasons as to why a student might not get a good enterscore, many which is at no fault of their own. Fair enough if society feels we need to know the basic fundamentals of learning, but when it comes to the point where a person is deciding as an adult that they are better in a particular field and want to persue it, they should be encouraged to do so. By doing this now all those young hopefuls who were not the most academic of children but very talented in thier respective art fields have another hardship to overcome. Completely unfair I think, really idiotic idea.

  7. Rhys – note this plan to allow ENTER scores to be “considered” across the board at VCA is new.

    Two things that aren’t new are:

    (1) VCA applicants must have done year 12 with an English score of 30. These requirements became effective as soon as VCA became a faculty of Melb Uni in 2007.See for more info

    (2) ENTER scores could be considered for VCAM Music as that went Melbourne Model from this year. This was not widely advertised and there is no “official” minimum, but many staff from VCAM Music have informed us that many talented students were turned away because of their ENTER score for the 2010 intake.

  8. Of course, it opens up a new area for Equal Opps if someone with an ENTER score doesn’t get in ahead of someone without one (or a lower one). This is now just a Department of the Arts with nice facilities (and they won’t last long under the stewardship of UoM).

  9. You need to get a commitment from Ziggy that all such decisions and deliberations are suspended until his committee has handed in their report. It makes a mockery of the review committee.

  10. The idea that high ENTER scores will make better artists is ludicrous. The way the VCE is set up means subjects are scaled – with all of the ‘artistic’ subjects being scaled down below what is considered ‘average’ difficulty to do well. And even if you do well in those subjects, your ENTER score will still not be up there amongst the students who did poorly in the maths and sciences. I personally only scored A’s and A+’s in mostly artistic subjects, and yet only scored an ENTER in the mid 80s. If this is the new way for getting in to the VCA, in order for students to even consider gaining a place, they won’t be able to study their desired career during VCE. The VCE is continuing to become a place where artists are not wanted.

  11. Isn’t it suspicious how quiet Glyn Davis has become lately. The expensive UoM spin doctors probably want less negative news reports, and have told him to keep his head down. The ENTER decision could be one example of his continued destruction of the VCA, done while Ziggy’s VCAM review committee effectively covers his actions. It is looking very much like Ziggy’s show is just a smoke screen.

  12. Interesting point, especially when logic would tell us an election year is the time when Glyn should be the most vocal about VCA needing more funding for it to survive under Uni Melb management (let alone more funding for the rest of the Uni!).

    But Glyn is never going to do that is he? That would require embarrasing best buddy KRudd.

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