Review Report Released – Threat to VCA Remains

Posted by savevca1 on May 13th, 2010

After six months and 371 public submissions, the University of Melbourne- run Review into VCAM’s future has been released.

Quick Report summary:

  • Recommends Melbourne Model be put off until 2013 pending another review. Suggests the Melbourne Model has been successfully applied in VCAM Music.
  • Recommends Uni Melb consider the return of VCA Music Theatre and Puppetry.
  • Recommends VCAM remain a Faculty of the University but be split within the Faculty into a Music Conservatorium and ‘the rest’ (which is referred to as MA or Melbourne Arts). The two-campus structure to remain for now.
  • Recommends curriculum review remain in the hands of VCAM Management and the University of Melbourne. No immediate change to VCAM Management personnel.
  • The importance of specialised, elite, studio-based training is affirmed along with the need to maintain talent-based entry.
  • VCAM’s financial future remains unclear and requires invention by the State and Federal Government.
  • VCAM lost 8% of staff in 2009.
  • No measurable benchmarks for University / VCAM Management performance or delivery of courses / contact hours / staffing suggested.

Read the report here (copyright Uni Melb)

Read the National Tertiary Education Union’s response here (13/05/10)

Read the commentary here (13/05/10 note continues over 2 pages)

Read The Age commentary here (14/05/10)

Hear SAVE VCA on ABC Jon Faine today here (6.5MB) (13/05/10)

Official SAVE VCA reponse to Report available here (submitted to VC at Melb Uni 21/05/10)

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4 Responses to “Review Report Released – Threat to VCA Remains”

  1. If the Melbourne model can be postponed it can be stopped things are starting to possibly look up however I am afraid that it’s just too late and the abundance of talent in Melbourne may have to travel interstate or overseas to get the specialized degree that VCA has always offered. Thanks a bunch UoMelb

  2. It’s not too late Emily, our united voices have created response, yes we are still at the start of a long journey, but we’re still here! I want express my gratitude for’s commitment and hard work – without doubt your efforts have been and will continue to have a genuine impact on the future of VCA. So, THANK YOU.

  3. Ron Dent

    I have had time to read the report of the VCA Review for U o M and conclude that the glass in favour of defence of the current organisational model would seem more full than empty. ABC radio’s John Faine’s conclusions on the program segment posted at this site, in so far as the ‘wins’ from the Review are concerned, would seem to be correct. It would be churlish not to acknowledge some progress from what seemed an entrenched attitude by U o M. That is not to say it is not capable of ignoring its own Review’s exhaltation that it “answers these questions affirmatively and enthusiastically”. But for it to do so would risk even greater damage to its reputation. The task now is for ‘Save VCA’ to ‘watchdog’ progress and to trumpet any crimes and misdemeanors, without sounding like the strident student protester that simply does not wish to retreat from its own entrenched position. I’m sure that those who have done such a sterling job to date of representing the VCA in its current form are well capable of discharging that important responsibility. I thank them and every person for their contributions, large and small, that have been so important in voicing concern about the potential for loss of culture and the worthwhile results of a VCA largely based on practical, studio-based training of elite-level artists and the uncompromising pursuit of excellence. Thanks too, to Ziggy Switkowski and the Review panel members who, despite some obvious indications of strong disagreement, have still managed to produce what does seem to be a reasonably balanced report. I would be very interested to read the views of others. Mine is that, although the ‘fight’ may not yet be won, it’s off to a bloody good start. Ron Dent

  4. The state parliament debate of 26 May 2010 recorded the following statement by Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) in Hansard, regarding Ziggy’s report on the VCA.
    “There is no joy coming from this review. I am very disappointed with it. I do not think it takes us forward anywhere.”

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