Stay Informed

One of the best ways you can help is by staying informed. Knowledge really is power and we cannot always rely on the University of Melbourne telling us the full story. The more you know, the safer VCA will be.

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Formally Pledge Your Support

If you are an arts or cultural tourism business, you can formally pledge your support in writing.

Simply download the pledge, print and post.


The Victorian Liberals and Victorian Greens (see here), in addition to the Federal Greens (see here) all have policies on how to SAVE VCA. Ask your local State and Federal member what their policies are, and think of VCA at election time.

Advice & Time

If you have any skills or advice that may help SAVE VCA, we are always very happy to hear from the VCA wider community. Email us (


Help us continue our efforts to aid the VCA by donating. Donations of $5, $10, $50 or more will help keep our campaign going.

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Donations to the Save VCA campaign are kindly managed by the NTEU. You can donate via the
NTEU website if you would prefer not to use Paypal.

You can also donate by writing cheque to “NTEU – SAVE VCA FUND” and mailing it to
“NTEU, PO Box 1323, South Melbourne VIC 3205″. Please ensure you make the cheque out exactly as written here.

Donations to Save VCA are not tax deductible.

SAVE VCA Week Rally - Credit Alexandra Palmer Bull

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