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    Resource Documents

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    17/06/10 Live Performance Australia – Size & Scope Study by Ernst & Young

    07/06/10 Australian Greens VCA Policy (PDF)

    26/05/10 Vic Upper House VCA Debate (page 93 of PDF)

    26/05/10 Heidi Victoria (Vic Libs) Member Statement – Questions Why Brumby Govt Wont Fund VCA (page 16 of PDF)

    19/05/10 Vic Greens Media Release – “Government Fails To Provide Lifeline to VCA”

    15/05/10 Vic Libs Media Release – “Brumby Cuts VCA Adrift”

    13/05/10 NTEU Media Release – “VCA Review Confirms Govt Must Step In”

    23/02/10 Vic Greens Query Review Committee Makeup in Parliament

    12/11/09 Vic Greens Query Uni Melb Rentals Charged to VCA

    15/09/09 Parliament Debates Future of VCA
    Outlines the terms of the motion as debated in Victoria’s Upper House.  All members present ended up voting in favour of the motion.

    12/09/09 Open Letter to VCA Staff and Students – Victorian Opposition
    The Victorian Opposition announce they will increase VCA funding by $6m p/a if they win the 2010 election. They also threatened to demerge VCA and UoM if the original merger conditions are not honoured.

    28/07/09 Adjournment – University of Melbourne: performing arts courses
    Victorian MP Heidi Victoria raises VCA in the Lower House.

    04/06/09 Adjournment – Victorian College of the Arts and Music: courses
    Victorian MP Heidi Victoria raises VCA in the Lower House.

    12/03/09 Second Reading: Melbourne University Amendment Bill
    The bill made VCA into VCAM i.e merging the Music schools of VCA and UoM to form the new Faculty called Victorian College of the Arts and Music. Note how glowingly the Members praise the VCA’s practical training methods and the importance of the College. Clearly they believed (and fair enough) they were voting for maintaining the VCA rather than completely changing it as the UoM have done.

    25/06/07 Andrea Hull: Moving to the Melbourne Model
    Andrea Hull is the former VCA Dean. Note how the discussion of the Melbourne Model has changed significantly to the present day situation.

    11/09/06 Heads of Agreement
    These are the conditions the Victorian Government put in place when approving the Melbourne (Victorian College of the Arts) Bill. Note how specific it is in its intent to protect the VCA. e.g.“The VCA continues to exercise high levels of autonomy over the conduct and future development of its academic programs so as to ensure their integrity and quality are maintained”

    22/08/06 Second Reading – University of Melbourne (Victorian College of the Arts) Bill
    This bill merged VCA and UoM. Note members specifically note “It is important that staff and students are comfortable with and will not be disadvantaged by the change.”


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